NBA scores 2016: James Harden continues to create for teammates

For NBA fans who thought James Harden at point guard made no sense, it’s time to concede.

Harden calmly picked up his third triple-double of the season in the third quarter of Houston’s 126-109 win over Portland, finding guys like Trevor Ariza, Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon, who combined for nine three-pointers.

Watch The Beard set up Ariza for a corner three with Nikola Mirotic Authentic Womens Jersey his patented euro-step that freezes C.J. McCollum just long enough to create an uncontested look.

Not quite satisfied? Here’s Harden’s first-quarter highlights, where he put up half of his numbers.

Glad we cleared that up.

At this rate, Drake is going to have to get a new jersey the next time he performs in the Bay Area.

It gets worse because Bradley Beal is injured, though it doesn’t appear to be serious. The Wizards are bottom-10 in both offense and defense, and the team’s playoff aspirations are already in big trouble.

The schedule repents the rest of the month. Washington will play three straight home games against the Knicks, the Heat and the Suns before traveling to play the Magic. Those last two teams might be the worst in the NBA, and none of the four are on a back-to-back.

But a 2-8 start hasn’t left the Wizards any room for error. The team can’t just Pau Gasol Authentic Womens Jersey play at a slightly above .500 pace — it requires a concerted effort to even get back to .500, and then win a few more games to pick up a low seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Washington can do it, of course. We’re halfway through November. But its first 10 games aren’t doing the last 72 any favors.

So that’s why any Wizards fans you might come across in the near future look like this.

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