NFL picks and predictions, Rams vs. Seahawks 2015: Experts unanimously taking Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks have clinched a spot in the postseason, and though the NFC West title belongs to the Arizona Cardinals, the difference between the fifth and sixth seed in the conference can be huge. The Seahawks currently hold the tiebreaker over the Minnesota Vikings and occupy the fifth seed, but a loss could let Minnesota grab that spot.

If the Vikings happen to win out and the Green Bay Packers falter, then Minnesota could also take the NFC North. If the Packers end up with the same record as the Seahawks, Green Bay holds the tiebreaker due to a Week 2 win. Seattle can only be the fifth or sixth seed since they can’t win their division, but the higher seed is their goal.
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The Packers are riding a winning streak of their own, scoring victories in their last three games. But those wins came against the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders, none of which are playoff teams. The Packers have also struggled at times this season, losing four of five games before the winning streak.

Limited Womens Roberto Luongo Jersey Still, Green Bay is 10-4 and has clinched a spot in the postseason, while the Cardinals have also secured the NFC West title. But seeding is still a big factor, and the Packers have not secured the NFC North with the Minnesota Vikings lurking at just one game back. The Packers will play a home game against Minnesota in the season finale in Week 17. That matchup could end up deciding the division.

The Packers could help their cause with a road win over the Cardinals, but most experts are leaning toward the home team. Over at CBS Sports, the panel is unanimously picking Arizona to win. At ESPN, there are a few takers for Green Bay, with 10 of the 13 experts picking the Cardinals. Here at SB Nation, it’s a similar spread. The only one who doesn’t think Arizona has this one in the bag is Joel Thorman.

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