Bears trade up to No. 2 in the 2017 NFL draft with the 49ers to select Mitchell Trubisky

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The Chicago Bears moved up to No. 2 in the 2017 NFL draft shortly after the Cleveland Browns selected Myles Garrett with the No. 1 pick.

The San Francisco 49ers moved back as a result, to the No. 3 pick that the Bears had. With the No. 2 overall pick, the Bears took North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

Eventually, Lewis was picked in the third round by the Dallas Cowboys.

Thomas was picked in last years draft with the No. 47 overall pick to the New Orleans Saints. As a rookie, he had 1,137 yards and nine touchdowns. Over Lewiss four years in Ann Arbor, he accounted for 135 tackles and six interceptions. Arent college football rivalries, especially the ones like Ohio State-Michigan, just the best?

After the heated 2016 game between the Buckeyes and Wolverines, Lewis responded to an Ohio State assistants jab at Michigan over arguments about the game-deciding fourth-down spot: What we did [offensively at Clemson], some of it does translate to the NFL, some of it doesnt, to be completely honest, Boyd said. And thats the only, to be honest, downside of some of the spread offense. Obviously you can put up some gaudy numbers, theres some highly talented, high-level players playing in spread offenses, but the reality of it is there are a handful of teams in the NFL that are only, completely spread.

And the problem with going to the NFL is that the way of thinking has changed. Quarterbacks now are expected to come in right away and play. It didnt used to be like that. Teams obviously thought I was going to be a project, one that was going to take too long compared to the other guys.

Game Mens Tyler Lockett Jersey Boyd was taken in the sixth round in 2014, but at just 60, 225 pounds, the Jets determined he wasnt worth grooming. They released him after the preseason.

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