Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ is the perfect theme song for the 2017 NBA playoffs

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The NBA playoffs have a history of iconic theme songs, from Roundball Rock when the games were shown on NBC, to the ABC/ESPN era with Pitbull chanting PLAYOFFS in a remix of Timber with Kesha. This years playoffs theme song is (objectively) a lot better than whats been in played in years past: youll be hearing Kendrick Lamars Humble a lot for the next two months. Its a cleaner version, given that its on broadcast television, but having that song be the theme is an automatic win for the NBA.

Danielle Hunter Elite Jersey Its also a huge win for Lamar, as his new album DAMN. (which Humble is its lead single) was released on Friday, unless youre LeBron James and got it a few days before everyone else did. Also, DAMN. is, well, a damn good album, and you should listen to it if you have the chance.

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