Hassan Whiteside will not rest until he learns why there was a dead parrot in his yard.

The schedulemakers eliminated the dreaded 4-in-5 and reduced each team’s number of back-to-backs. Will it improve player health? Tim Reynolds explains how the schedulemakers use metrics to sort it all out.
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And finally: over the weekend, the Mystics and Fever had to sit through a delay due to a leak in the arena. So they had a dance-off. This is how all basketball delays must be handled henceforth.

Jackson and the Knicks, however, abruptly parted ways this summer, giving Knicks fans optimism that the bridge could be rebuilt. New Knicks president Steve Mills said he had a good texting relationship with Porzingis, and New York’s hiring of Scott Perry as GM has refocused the team on establishing a hardworking culture around a young, athletic core.
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The Knicks will likely move Anthony this summer. It’s more a matter of when and where, and much less an if. When he’s traded, the keys will be handed to Porzingis, who averaged 18 points, 7.2 rebounds, and two blocks per game as a sophomore last season.

That’s a smart strategy in the best interest of the franchise, but it may also alienate James and push him even further out the door. Their team won’t be as good this season as they were the previous two years with more experienced talent.

The team has not only won 128 games over two seasons, including a franchise-best 67 wins in 2015-16, but also been no worse than seventh in offensive or defensive rating both years. That’s very good, and having LaMarcus Aldridge play second banana is a big part of that, even with the subtle mention of fit at the end.

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