Richard Jefferson joked about how much Deron Williams disliked Cleveland

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The Road Trippin’ podcast with Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s unusually and legitimately candid, which is an increasingly difficult thing to get from professional athletes these days. It helps that the two are orating from platforms they’ve chosen, but they also choose to be honest.

Seth hit the puppet man with a screen while Steph got a layup, and later, Steph made a bounce pass to himself by bonking the puppet man in the head.

Of course, Steph had to hit them with a halfcourt shot (which counted as five points), as he is wont to do. You have to give props (pun intended) to the hosts for trying their damnedest to try and stop Steph and Seth Curry, but even the grandest of inflatable plans fall apart eventually.

In the fourth quarter, they swapped out the puppet and hands with a rotating basket, and the Currys still managed get through that gimmick with Seth getting his hero moments.

We don’t know which team won, but the Currys got the game tied at 53 a piece, and they probably stopped the game there. The true winners, however, are the geniuses that thought of that inflatable puppet, because now we need that for All-Star weekend.

Authentic Rico Gathers Jersey Smith wasn’t great last year — the Pistons cut him and got better, and then he got signed by the Rockets, where he was alright. But he absolutely showed up to help the Rockets take down the Clippers in the playoffs. In Game 6, he was instrumental in an enormous comeback, scoring 19 points (14 in the fourth quarter) as the Rockets came back from a huge deficit to force a Game 7. He even hit 4 threes on seven attempts, rare for a notoriously bad shooter.

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