Uni Watch — What’s new in the NFC East for 2017

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There’s plenty of uni-related news as we move toward the kickoff of the 2017 NFL season. Most notably, a new Nike collar that eliminates the Flywire design has been adopted by 19 of the 22 teams that were still using the old one — we’ll call them the Flyswatter Brigade! Here’s our rundown of what you can expect to see in the NFC East on the gridiron this fall.

The Flywire collar has been particularly problematic for the Cowboys. At one point in 2014 and ’15, the bands within the collar turned blue, which the team attributed to laundry problems (additional photos and info here). Although they eventually got that problem under control, it’s just as well that they’ve broken out the Flyswatter this season:

Elite Youth Devin McCourty Jersey Many times, teams use practice squads to keep players who have potential but need development. It gives teams an opportunity to invest in players in a low-cost (by NFL standards) and low-risk way. It also provides teams with a stash of backup players who are familiar with the scheme and system, which is helpful in the event of injury.

I also want to point out again that breakout player does not mean Pro Bowler or All Pro. For me at least, it’s a guy who takes a huge leap forward from where he had been so far in his career. It could be a guy who goes from backup to starting and playing well, or maybe a guy who was already good but then starts playing at a Pro Bowl/All Pro level. It is about the distance between what they were and what they end up being by the end of this season.

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