If they somehow win the Super Bowl, are you going to write that in?

What was the thought process behind Michael getting Bortles’ name wrong and calling him Derek? Were you like, what’s the funniest name we can pair with Bortles that isn’t Bob Gibson Jersey Blake?
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I think someone pitched Derek, and it just went into the script. I think Mike’s really good at not sweating the small stuff 锟斤拷 Derek Bortles made us laugh, so we just kept it in. Some shows might have broken off a splinter group to come up with 20 names funnier, but we just laughed at Derek Bortles and moved on.

Just in terms of comedy, yes. They’re my team now. I grew up a Vikings fan, so for me, the ultimate Super Bowl would be Vikings-Jags.

You’re known for using the internet to mess with people. Are you responsible for The Good Place Twitter account only following two accounts, which are the Jags and Bortles?

Manny told me that and I was like, that fucking rules. I love that. I’m not responsible. That’s just good on whoever does social for the show. I gotta find out who does that and send them a Bortles jersey. I laughed so hard, I was like, that is perfect. It implies that Jason runs the social media for our show. That’s the best.

Oh, yeah, we’ll have to. I mean, we’re gonna have to shoot an entire season in Jacksonville or something. That’s so not my call to make, but I feel like nothing would be better than opening the first episode of Season 4 with Jason on a Super Bowl parade float, somehow being beamed down from wherever he is.

When the season kicked off in September, the Jaguars had attracted the fewest bets to win the Super Bowl of any team at multiple sportsbooks. There were more Super Bowl bets on the Cleveland Browns than the Jaguars, and twice as many at some places.

Cleveland was eliminated from the playoffs after Week 12. At that point at William Hill’s 100-plus Nevada sportsbooks, there were still more bets on the Browns to win the Super Bowl than there were on the Jaguars.

Where does the betting value lie in Sunday’s NFC championship game? Our experts provide against-the-spread and over/under advice on Minnesota-Philadelphia.

Some might jump to conclusions regarding the betting public’s acumen, but veteran Las Vegas bookmaker Nick Bogdanovich says the interest in the Browns over the Jaguars likely has more to do with location and winter vacationing habits.
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