6 reasons Josh McDaniels should have coached the Colts

Sure, Boston has the Celtics and tons of young talent who will dominate the Eastern Conference and possibly the NBA once the Warriors are done.

Second thing: McDaniels would be in prime position to be in a reboot of the show. If they let crusty ol’ Jim Irsay in the episode, there’s no way McDaniels isn’t getting an appearance.

But it’s something he could have added to the resume. They’re apparently bringing The Office back, so Parks and Rec could happen as well. They’re like the same show, just a different setting.

In those games, Bell was employed as a rusher on 22 total first-down carries, the down on which the Steelers ideally like to use their allegedly overwhelming running game to set up Roethlisberger in advantageous passing situations. Except Bell did not deliver in those circumstances. He went for two or fewer yards on 13 of those attempts. When the Steelers relied on their running game to win first down, they lost nearly 60 percent of the time against the Jags and Pats.

Television commentators marvel at Bell’s “patient” style, but his lack of body lean when running makes him easier to bring down at the point of attack. His upright style minimizes the punishment he absorbs, but also makes him less able to grind out extra yards.

Crennel and Weis both had extensive experience coaching alongside Belichick. The three coaches spent time on the same staffs with the Giants, Jets, and Patriots. After the Patriots beat the Eagles 24-21, Crennel took over as the head coach of the Browns. Weis went back to the college ranks and assumed the head coach role at Notre Dame.

So anyway, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this robot. In fact, I believe I said, “Holy shit, that’s a robot.” There was a little boy waving his hands in front of the robot’s soulless, black hole-like eyes, and he looked up at me when I swore. I apologized to him and his mother for my language.

The boy’s name was Aaron Sawyer, and he told me he likes the robots, but not for “sports reasons.”

“I like it because it has the capability to learn like a real human,” he told me, continuing to try to get the robot to react to him. “But it won’t listen to me. It’s kind of cool but kind of creepy.”jays_928_b834d84f8f859434-180x180

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