Detroit Red Wings believe they have the right mix of youth, experience to continue winning tradition

DETROIT — When Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland sat down this past offseason to plan out his approach, he had one simple goal:

He wanted to win.

I know, weird.

Besides the changes to the draft lottery, young Noah Hanifin Jersey players are getting bigger contracts earlier, which lends itself to more parity. The Edmonton Oilers, you can be sure, are planning on Connor McDavid’s next contract looking much more like Kane’s and Toews’ current ones than their second deals. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to land McDavid during your rebuild in the first place. Only one team every decade gets to do that.

Thirty years ago, when quarterbacks were Riley Nash Jersey throwing farther downfield and completing a far lower percentage of their passes, it made sense for teams to strictly limit their quarterbacks to handing off the football in situations where running clock was more important than picking up a first down. Quarterbacks simply couldn’t be trusted not to screw up, and most receivers weren’t good enough to regularly win one-on-one matchups.

Today’s game is different. Quarterbacks routinely throw bubble screens and other short passes designed to get the ball out quickly, and their success rate on those throws is remarkable: They complete 70.9 percent of their passes within five yards of the line of scrimmage and throw interceptions 1.1 percent of the time. That’s similar to the fumble rate on rushing plays since 2012 (1.2 percent, although only 0.7 percent are lost to the opposition).

With a banged up running back corps, Packers coach Mike McCarthy should trust Aaron Rodgers to kill the clock with his arm. Joe Robbins/Getty Images
In situations where teams are one or two first downs away from ending the game, passing simply has to be part of the equation, if only to prevent teams from teeing off on your running game. The screen Dak Prescott set up with Cole Beasley to seal the game against the 49ers is a perfect example. And, with run-pass options, you can ask your quarterback to make a simple check at the line of scrimmage and either hand the ball off or make a pass that is likely to be completed.

In situations where teams simply want to run as much clock as possible and punt without any real concern about getting a first down, they’re probably better off kneeling than running offensive plays, if only because of the risk of a fumble. There’s little logic behind teams “half-trying” to succeed on offense. Another example of that …

Run to start your two-minute drill, because if it fails, just run out the clock.

The Browns ran into the furor surrounding this unwritten rule a couple of weeks back, when Hue Jackson decided to go for two down 28-19 with 2:10 left to try to make it a one-score game. He failed. This essentially ended the contest: The Browns recovered an onside kick and scored a touchdown, but that was only enough to make it 28-26. They failed on a second onside kick try and subsequently lost.

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‘Gleason’ is a story of family, love and triumph despite ALS

Most people remember Steve Gleason as he once was, the Saints’ undersized safety and dynamic special teamer. The iconic moment associated with Gleason, memorialized in a statue outside the Super Dome in New Orleans, is his blocked punt against the Saints’ division rival, the Atlanta Falcons, in the first game back in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. That’s how Gleason still exists in the minds of many fans. In some ways, that’s who Gleason still is — a larger-than-life figure, a hero, an inspiration.

Since then, Gleason has Shaquil Barrett Authentic Womens Jersey become someone entirely different — still larger-than-life, still a hero, still an inspiration, but for different reasons.

The new film, Gleason, chronicles his life and his battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, more commonly known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. It illuminates Gleason the football player and sheds light on Gleason as a man, a husband, a son, and most importantly, a father.

Early in the film, shortly after his diagnosis, Gleason Steve Atwater Authentic Womens Jersey says he won’t give in to the disease. It’s a sentiment echoed in the slogan for Team Gleason, his foundation, which is “No White Flags.”

“I have this diagnosis, and it’s not going to crush my life, even if it does crush my body,” he says. And it does crush his body.

Gleason retired from football in 2008. His ALS diagnosis came three years later. He’d always been a hard hitter. His former teammate Mike McKenzie described him as “a kamikaze.” When Gleason started having symptoms, the concerns were primarily that they could be lingering effects from his playing days — spinal damage or a brain injury — or something like ALS. It was ALS.

We also see Gleason choose to live. A doctor told him early on that people with ALS can outlive the expected lifespan of the diagnosis, but the effects of ALS typically force those who suffer from it to a point of realizing it’s no longer worth it. Gleason has not reached that point. He’s still fighting.

Thousands of words could be devoted to Michel Varisco Gleason, Steve’s wife and primary caregiver. She would deserve every one, and more. This is her story too.

Caregivers are the unsung heroes in the world of terminal illness. For Michel, her life revolves around making sure Steve’s needs are met, as well as attending to the needs of their young son, Rivers.

Michel found out she was pregnant with Rivers about six weeks after Steve’s ALS diagnosis. Her part of the story is about a wife and a mother stretched too thin, trying to do her best for everyone she loves and succeeding, no matter how much it takes out of her. It’s the story of a woman who keeps going because she has no other option.

Michel and Steve are living the “for worse” part of their wedding vows. It wears on them both and their marriage. Steve is, through no fault of his own, fully dependent upon her, to a greater extent than even their young son is.

Her commitment is unwavering, her love for her husband is absolute, and her honesty about the experience is unparalleled.

“This is a motherfucker,” Michel says of caring for her husband through his battle with ALS.

Gleason’s relationship with his own father is strained. They seem more like acquaintances, wanting to love each other, but not quite knowing how to do so.

His parents had a difficult relationship, one described by Steve’s father as “dysfunctional” prior to their divorce. Gleason’s father said that Steve’s hard-hitting style of play on the football field was his way of finding catharsis from that.

Gleason’s father also blames Steve’s ALS on the way Gleason played.

From the time of his diagnosis, one of Gleason’s priorities is to heal any relationships in his life that need it, like his relationship with his father.

Despite the distance between them and Gleason’s increasing difficulties with communication, the film chronicles the beginning of the healing process between father and son.

“I think you did well,” his dad says. “I think you’ve taught Rivers more about love, gentleness, kindness at an early age than I even knew about.”

At its core, this is a film about fathers and sons. Gleason’s relationship with his own father, strained as it is, certainly paved the way for him to understand the type of father he wanted to be for his own son.

The film is centered around a collection of videos Steve began making for Rivers after his ALS diagnosis and before Rivers was born. Gleason is pragmatic about the fact that he may not be around to be a father to Rivers for long, and he wants to leave Rivers the very best of himself.

“Even if I’m not present physically,” Steve says before ALS robs him of the ability to speak and walk and breathe independently, “you’ll have this, and I feel so much better when I just sit down and share myself with you.”

Because that is, Steve says, what dads do, and he refuses to allow this disease to take that from him or from his son.

This film is a raw, intimate look at the ways ALS ravages not just those who suffer from it, but also their caregivers and the loved ones around them. It’s an honest perspective on a man who wants to leave a legacy of love for others suffering from the disease, but most importantly for his wife and his young son.

Above all, this film, and Gleason’s life, is a story of triumph. Gleason will lose his battle with ALS. The disease has crushed his body, but he will not allow it to crush his life.

Let’s let Heinicke explain.

“I was locked out of my house after a late-night movie,” Heinicke said, via the Pioneer Press. “I came back and there’s no one home, and I’m trying to nudge the door a little. It was one of those double doors. I thought it just needed a little nudge.

“Me and my buddy were getting it going a little, but when I put my foot to the door, my foot kind of slipped and it went through a window. It was just kind of a freak accident. I’m very embarrassed, but I’m just excited getting going with rehab and trying to get this going as soon as possible.”

Heinicke suffered a severed tendon in the process, which could keep him off the field for three months, according to ESPN. Heinicke won the Vikings’ third-string quarterback job last season, although he did not appear in a regular season game. He earned that job in large part due to a strong showing in the preseason. He will now be unable to do the same this time with surgery likely keeping him out well into the season.

The Vikings currently have four quarterbacks on their roster including Heinicke.

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Bills rookie linebacker Reggie Ragland to have surgery for torn ACL

High hopes for linebacker Reggie Ragland will likely have to be shelved until next year as the Buffalo Bills announced the rookie will undergo surgery for a torn ACL and is expected to miss the 2016 season.

Ragland, a second-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, suffered the injury in practice on Friday and there was hope that further tests would reveal it Andrew Hawkins Jersey wasn’t a season-ending injury. However, the team now expects Ragland to miss his entire rookie season due to the partially torn ligament that will require surgery to repair.

Perhaps the most recognizable fullback in the NFL, Kuhn has spent nine of his 10 seasons in Green Bay after entering the league as an undrafted free agent from Shippensburg. Kuhn spent his early years participating mostly on special teams, but Austin Pasztor Jersey became the Packers’ featured fullback around the time Aaron Rodgers replaced Brett Favre under center.

Kuhn went on to become one of the league’s most versatile players, blocking for 1,000-yard rushers like Ryan Grant and Eddie Lacy while establishing himself as a capable goal-line runner and backfield receiver. He led all fullbacks with 12 total touchdowns between 2010 and ’11, and went on to earn four Pro Bowl nods and a first-team All-Pro selection.

Cam Newton got really excited about an INT … too excited.

Ravens running back Terrance West lived up to the preseason hype.

Bills offensive coordinator Greg Roman credits Taylor’s effort as the reason for his success and the team’s confidence in him moving forward.

“In order to take those steps it has to come from the player,” Roman said via the team’s website. “The player has to embrace the challenge of self-examination, self-awareness. He has done that A-plus, plus. I couldn’t be happier with his commitment to that process. He’s improving in every aspect of his game. I’m very happy with how he approaches his job.”

Head coach Rex Ryan believes Taylor’s talent and skill set will serve the team well moving forward.

“I see the confidence that his teammates have in him and we think we’re going to get it done with Tyrod at quarterback,” Ryan said. “He can beat you with his arm, with his deep ball, his accuracy, and he can beat you with his legs, so I think those are some great things. We think that we’ve got a really good one there. We’ve got a fine, outstanding quarterback.”

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NFL clears all active players in Al Jazeera PED investigation

The NFL announced Wednesday it has cleared the names of three of the players who were named in the Al Jazeera PED report. In a statement, the league says it has no evidence that Green Bay Packers linebackers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers, along with Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison, used performance-enhancing drugs. Free agent Mike Neal remains under review, according to USA Today’s Tom Pelissero.

“We were talking to him about how can Darius Slay Jersey we get the message back on track and not take away from the military, not take away from fighting for our country, but keep the focus on what the issues really are,” Kaepernick said. “And as we talked about it, we came up with taking a knee. Because there are issues that still need to be addressed and it was also a way to show more respect to the men and women who fight for this country.”

Colin Kaepernick, on plans to donate $1 million DeAndre Levy Jersey to communities & how today’s kneel-protest emerged

— Cam Inman (@CamInman) September 2, 2016
Boyer attended the game as a guest of the 49ers and watched from the sideline with the team. He stood directly to Kaepernick’s left during the anthem. Jim Trotter of ESPN said that Reid and Kaepernick hugged each other after the anthem, as did Kaepernick and Boyer.

Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane also remained seated during the anthem before Seattle played the Oakland Raiders. Lane said that he was “standing behind” Kaepernick and would continue to sit “until I feel like justice is being served.”

Ground game — Adrian Peterson is 31, but he’s kind of been the exception to the rule of running backs in decline after the age of 30. Bridgewater’s injury complicates that a bit because a better passing game would have saved some wear and tear on Peterson. Still, there’s no reason to think he can’t still be effective. The Vikings led the league with 139 broken tackles last year. Beefing up the offensive line means Peterson and Jerick McKinnon might not have to see as much contact.

Better receivers — The only major addition Minnesota made among their offensive weapons was drafting Laquon Treadwell in the first round this year. While his pre-draft hype may have faded after a meh showing at the Combine, he looks like he could be a solid possession type, which is a handy asset to have now that Shaun Hill is the starting QB. That frees up Stefon Diggs to do more work deep (assuming Hill can occasionally get him the ball). Maybe Charles Johnson will carry through his solid camp and preseason performance.

That defense — The front seven gets a lot of attention here, and for good reason. Everson Griffin, last year’s team sack leader, has been one of the most talked about names in camp this season. It looks like Anthony Barr is going to do more pass rushing too. Minnesota was one of only four defenses to pressure opposing QBs on more than 30 percent of their pass attempts, according to Football Outsiders (Seattle, Denver and Arizona were the other three teams, pretty good company).

But it’s the secondary that might be the real strength of the group. Second-year corner Trae Waynes looks ready to assume a bigger role. Harrison Smith’s two interceptions in last week’s preseason thumping of the Chargers certainly isn’t a bad sign, either.

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Things went from bad to worse for the Bills even after their loss Thursday night

As poorly as the Buffalo Bills performed in their loss to the New York Jets Thursday night, it turns out Friday was even worse. The team relieved offensive coordinator Greg Roman of his duties, but in typical Bills fashion, the story doesn’t just end there.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Bills owners Tim and Kerry Pegula held meetings with several of the Keenan Allen Jersey team’s key offensive contributors Friday morning. Head coach Rex Ryan, who said it was his decision to fire Roman, was conspicuously absent.

It is also a peculiar decision for the development of Tyrod Taylor, who signed a six-year contract extension with the team in August. Taylor signed with the Bills two months after Roman was hired and started 16 of the 18 games since.

If Taylor’s play Kellen Clemens Jersey drops off, it could mean the end of his time with the Bills as the team has flexibility in its new contract with the quarterback. Buffalo will have the choice to cut Taylor in March without taking a hit or pick up his option and keep him for the 2017 season, where he’ll be able to make as much as $27.5 million in salary and bonuses.

Lynn followed Ryan from the Jets to the Bills after six seasons as a running backs coach in New York. He previously had the same job with the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars, and he has received head coaching interest in the past, reportedly interviewing for vacancies with the Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers.

The Bills finished the 2015 season with the No. 1 ranked rushing offense, leading the NFL in rushing yards, touchdowns and yards per attempt. Through the first two games of the season, the Bills have averaged just 3.5 yards per rushing attempt.

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SEXY Hannant could save taxpayers a fortune

Welbeck is set to line-up Arsenal shirt for the very first time against champions Manchester City at lunchtime today. The England striker was a surprise £16m signing from hometown club Manchester United on transfer deadline Jason Williams Jersey day. And if he needs any extra motivation to hit the ground running at the Emirates, it came this week from United boss Louis Gaal, who insisted he sold Welbeck because he simply wasn’t good enough to stay at Old Trafford. Plenty have questioned the decision to sell one of United’s homegrown stars to a title rival. I had him from when he was eight, nine years of age and I think the best of is yet to come Meulensteen Former United coach Meulensteen reckons his fellow Dutchman has got it wrong and has backed the 23-year-old to prove it for the Gunners. I had him from when he was eight, nine years of age and I think the best of is yet to come, said Sir Ferguson’s former right-hand-. He is a very versatile player and I’m 100 per cent sure he do very, very well for Arsenal. is a perfect match for Arsenal. He is such a versatile player. He is very good short, creative, combination play, showing for the ball, passing and moving, picking Luc Mbah a Moute Jersey up different positions. At the same time he has the pace and power to break away if they break from their own half. I think he is a really good match. The 23-year-old craves to be played the central striking role, he rarely got at Old Trafford and has promised goals if Arsene Wenger makes him his main up front. As if to reinforce the point Welbeck scored twice for England on Monday a 2 Euro 2016 win Switzerland. Asked if Ferguson would have sold Welbeck to a rival when he ruled the roost at Old Trafford, Meulensteen told talkSPORT: No, definitely not. You look back through the history of Sir Ferguson at Manchester United and we were always keen on bringing players through and giving them a. People keep saying about Welbeck not scoring enough goals but you have to look at the people with him and front of him and how has he really played his preferred position? Every player that wants to builds up his confidence needs a run of his position and when that happens you get a flow and you keep reproducing the same performances. That has not happened yet for unfortunately. Welbeck isn’t the only Gunner looking to fit. Midfielder Wilshere played for England at the base of a new-look formation. But although he coped the unfamiliar holding role, Wenger does not believe the position makes the most of his talents. I personally prefer a more advanced position than a deep-lying role as a midfielder, said Wenger. If it works, it works and I am very happy for him, but I think he is a capable of creating danger the final third. He is provocative his dribbling and I would like to use this quality. Meanwhile, Wenger insists Arsenal do have the stomach for lunchtime kick-offs. The Gunners kick-off at 12pm having suffered heavy defeats to the champions, Liverpool and Chelsea last term when they kicked off early. The dopey north Londoners conceded 17 goals the process, but Wenger reckons it is nothing to do with the early start. I never honestly thought it was the kick-off time that cost us the, he said. It was poor the performances and they were not linked with the kick-off times. We live a society where you need to find explanations for everything. Let’s not forget we are competitive people and sometimes when your opponent is better than you, you lose. It wouldn’t matter if we played at nine or 12 – they were better than us. On the day, we were beaten physically and terms of mobility. We were beaten last year because we were not aggressive enough those. We lost too challenges. As a unit, we were beaten all over the place.

SEXY Hannant could save taxpayers a fortune…by stopping traffic at the Notting Hill Carnival. Hundreds of thousands of pounds are spent every year on closing roads for the huge street party. But, judging by our sizzling snaps, could easily halt the revellers their tracks. And the babe – ­discovered by the Daily last year during our hunt for Britain’s sexiest student – is hoping to be there tomorrow. She confessed: I really, really want to go. I’ve never been, but it looks great fun. If I can get there then I. The carnival, which runs from today until tomorrow evening, is set to attract more than one million partygoers. And if, 19, doesn’t make it, she’s sure to put it her diary for next year. The 30D dazzler, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, revealed: I’m moving to London next month. I travel down several times a week it made sense to move. I can’t wait. I really love London and the party lifestyle. The beauty has put her sport and exercise science degree at University on hold for a year to pursue her blossoming career as a model. But unfortunately for all those lusty London lads hoping to impress, she now has a boyfriend. She met ex-Huddersfield Town footballer Taser Hassan – of The Business gangster movie actor Tamer Hassan – on a night out the capital. said: He’s playing for Portland and I’m going out to be with him soon. We’re really, really happy.

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When he need to throw a strike or needed to throw a pitch, he did

Menu The Padres have won 11 a row at Pittsburgh, but by facing Erik Bedard today they’ll be hard-pressed to complete a weekend sweep of the Pirates. The Padres have tied a -high with six straight wins. They haven’t captured seven a row since eight-game run from 16, 2010. Despite Bedard’s 6 this, the left-hander has sparkled over his career against the Padres and he’s coming off his best showing of 2012. Bedard allowed two hits over seven shutout innings a 4 win over Arizona on Monday. Over his career, Bedard has won all four of Avery Bradley Jersey his starts against the Padres while fashioning a 1. Ohlendorf opposes Bedard and hopes to have his team complete a three-game sweep. The righty, who turned 30 on Wednesday, threw six strong innings a 7 win over the Cubs on Tuesday. This be his second appearance versus the Bucs. Last night, Jason took a no-hitter into the seventh inning and the Padres won, 5. Travis Snider led off the seventh inning and rolled one back up the middle, which deflected off the mound and glove of for infield hit. gave up another hit the eighth, but still went the distance to notch his fifth career shutout., who has won five of his last six decisions, struck out four and walked one. He threw the ball well, Padres manager Bud Black said. I think right from the beginning you could the movement on the fastball. It was Bill Russell Jersey fundamental pitching. He made good pitches.

When he need to throw a strike or needed to throw a pitch, he did. Headley hit a solo and drove three, while Venable added two hits, on of which was a solo shot, and two runs scored for the Padres, who have won six straight games. Headley has three homers and eight RBI over the first two games of this series. You just get situations where you’re able to drive runs, and guys around me have been getting on base and giving me opportunities, Headley said. It’s nice when those times happen. A.J. Burnett suffered his first home defeat this, allowing five runs — four earned — on nine hits and two walks with 10 strikeouts for Pittsburgh, which has dropped three straight and four of its last five contests. Burnett was 7 with a 2 10 home starts coming. Besides the fact threw a great game, I missed some spots on my sinker, Burnett said. It hurt me. I had a good hook tonight. That’s probably all I had. San Diego’s victory string at PNC Park is the longest active winning streak for any time over opponent at their home ballpark. The Padres are 28 all- time at PNC Park and have never lost consecutive games the stadium. Additionally, the Padres have won 15 of the last 17 overall against the Bucs. Despite faltering this weekend, the Pirates remain tied with Atlanta for the top two wild card spots the NL. Pittsburgh is 4 2 games behind NL Central-leading Cincinnati.

Three goals six minutes stunned United as they received a blow their quest to finish the top four. Wright told : There is a distinct lack of belief the whole team. They clearly do not believe what manager Louis Gaal considers to be tactics and a winning philosophy. The energy levels and the half-hearted approach underlines that they do not believe him and that most of them MUST believe that he is on his bike the. If he isn’t then I’ll be extremely surprised and very disappointed for pals who support Manchester United. Most of them MUST believe that Gaal is on his bike the Wright Look at how much has fallen into Gaal’s lap since he took over. Players like Lingard, Cameron Borthwick-, Marcus Rashford and Fosu-Mensah. For all the criticism, the owners, the Glazers, have pumped plenty of money his way – cash for Anthony Martial and Memphis Depay. Wright believes Gaal has been given plenty of funds and had the luxury of quality youngsters coming through and should be doing a lot better. Related videos He added: There is a squad there with youngsters coming through and expensive signings. LVG has been given enough ammunition. Yet I watched disbelief when came on as a sub at Tottenham and immediately went to play at centre-forward. ‘s best games have been as a left winger or left wing-back for United every time. Martial was stuck out on the left instead.

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He showed average arm and decent range at shortstop a year ago

He showed average arm and decent range at shortstop a year ago, though he also was erratic that he mostly DHed down the stretch. If he can’t cut it at shortstop pro ball, Krieger still could make it as a second baseman or a utilityman. He’s average runner with savvy on the basepaths. Round 5 OF BLAZE KA’ AGE DOB: 21, 24 College: University of Kentucky BATS THROWS: L R HEIGHT WEIGHT: 5 185 Signed 6, who turned 21 on 24, led the Wildcats with a.375 average during his campaign. The 5 outfielder paced D.J. Swearinger Jersey the team doubles, RBI, total bases, and stolen bases. Was named firstteam All-SEC 2014, hitting.328 with 40 runs, 13 doubles, 3 homers, 41 RBI and 14 stolen bases 54 53 starts. His.373 league batting average 2014 fell just short of the SEC batting crown. Round 6 RHP AGE DOB: 17, Sept. 16 High School: Quartz Hill High School BATS THROWS: R R HEIGHT WEIGHT: 6 185 Signed 6 RHP was a 2015rd- Perfect Game High School Senior Preseason All- and a Perfect Game 1st- Preseason California Region All High School Senior. is committed to San State University. From on A nice jump velocity had scouts paying more attention to this, with his athleticism and arm strength sure to intrigue teams. The San State commit was touching as high as 96 mph on occasion and sitting the 90 mph range fairly consistently. A strong and raw athlete on the mound, is more of a thrower than a pitcher right now.

He’ll vary his speeds on his Dane Fletcher Jersey curveball, sometimes throwing a firmer one the 76 mph range, but at times dropping down to 70 mph. His low 80s changeup if fringe average with some split-like action to it and the for it to improve over time. have to improve his delivery to remain a starter, but if it all clicks, he has the ceiling of a mid-rotation starter. Round 7 RHP LUKES AGE DOB: 20, July 12 College: Sacramento State BATS THROWS: L R HEIGHT WEIGHT: 5 185 Signed 6 Was one of just two Hornets to play all 60, hitting.345 with 7 homers and 38 RBI. The 20- year-old led Sacramento State batting average and RBI, and reached base safely 39 straight to start the. Earned All-WAC First for the second consecutive, ranking among league-leaders hits, total bases, doubles and home runs. his sophomore campaign, Lukes hit.347 with 26 RBI and 54 runs scored. The Antelope, California native tied the Sacramento State singleseason record with 28 multi-hit, and broke the single- record with 259 at-bats his 2014 campaign. Round 8 RHP GARZA AGE DOB: 21, 20 College: Cal State Fullerton BATS THROWS: R R HEIGHT WEIGHT: 5 170 Garza, 21, went 4 with a 3 and 53 strikeouts 65 innings of work 2015. The right-hander missed part of the due to a slight tear his UCL. The 5, 170-pounder spent the 2014 as a member of the USA Collegiate National, going 2 with a 1 over eight appearances and four starts.

his sophomore campaign, Garza went 5 with a 3 and 60 strikeouts against 14 walks 11 starts. Garza’s best collegiate year came as a freshman 2013, as the right-hander finished the with undefeated record of 12 17 starts. 2013, Garza was named All-American and the 2013 Big West Conference Pitcher of the Year. The, California native was originally drafted by the Indians the 26th round the 2012 MLB First-Year Player Draft. From on Garza Teams evaluating Garza have to weigh three years of starting for a very good Cal State Fullerton program and a successful turn with USA last against his smaller frame, concern about shoulder issues and a torn UCL that required Tommy surgery. When healthy, there’s plenty to like about the right-hander beyond his resume. He has pretty good stuff across the board, starting with a fastball that sit the 91 range and flash 93 mph. He’s shown the ability to reach back for 95 the past, but not consistently. His slider has improved and could be at least a League average breaking ball and he has a very good feel for his changeup. Questions about his durability, with his narrow shoulders and slight build, had some foreseeing a career the bullpen, where his stuff might play up a tick. The elbow surgery might only intensify that projection. A team taking him, however, could rehab him and send him out as a starter to see what happens. Round 9 RHP DEVON AGE DOB: 22, Dec. 26 College: Canisius College BATS THROWS: R R HEIGHT WEIGHT: 6 184 Signed 6 The 22-year-old went 7 with a 3 16 starts his senior campaign.

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The life of Horror Show diva is being celebrated a play

The life of Horror Show diva is being celebrated a play. And she’s it. By Coveney Uplifting: with the cast of Saved Life. Photo: Murdo MacLeod , according to the press release front of me, is a lip-licking, devotion-inspiring, buffet-nibbling, ego-wielding, pelvic-thrusting, red mane-tossing, blackjack-dealing, first of fishnets. is best known as Magenta the cult movie The Horror Picture Show.

Jim Sharman, the Anthony McCoy Jersey film’s director, once said that always looks as though she’s arriving. And, indeed, she does – usually orange trouser suit, or a noisy ensemble from Versace, or something expensively discreet from Farhi. She is probably more arriving even than Collins, whom she resembles some ways – except that is a fine actress, and a rather under-used one.

But she has settled, if that’s the right word, for playing herself – or at least image of herself. And her image be all over the Edinburgh festival this year, where a Fringe play called Saved Life, by Carr, is already selling out and is set to disrupt the opening performances the first week of August by appearing as her partly good – but mostly naughty – self. Carr’s play, two girls get stuck a room at a Horror convention with three Magentas. Or three Quinns.

The first Magenta is the neat little maid of the movie white apron and black suspenders. The second is the glamorous Stephens – widow of the actor Bobby Wagner Jersey Stephens , a clinging white trouser suit and black boots. And the third is as a Playboy black leotard and fluffy tail. We meet the Primrose Hill flat where she has lived since the early 1970s. The drawing room is like a stage set: huge mirrors, big sofas, tall jars of lilies, deco statues.

A foot-high alabaster Michelangelo David has red lips and toe nails. The latest CD from Snow Patrol is playing – drummer Johnny is her nephew from her home town of Belfast. I was last here over 10 years ago, to her husband Stephens. Does she still him? Do you know, it’s terrible, but I don’t. was garrulous that people thought I never spoke. Since he died, I don’t think I’ve stopped talking!

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