The life of Horror Show diva is being celebrated a play

The life of Horror Show diva is being celebrated a play. And she’s it. By Coveney Uplifting: with the cast of Saved Life. Photo: Murdo MacLeod , according to the press release front of me, is a lip-licking, devotion-inspiring, buffet-nibbling, ego-wielding, pelvic-thrusting, red mane-tossing, blackjack-dealing, first of fishnets. is best known as Magenta the cult movie The Horror Picture Show.

Jim Sharman, the Anthony McCoy Jersey film’s director, once said that always looks as though she’s arriving. And, indeed, she does – usually orange trouser suit, or a noisy ensemble from Versace, or something expensively discreet from Farhi. She is probably more arriving even than Collins, whom she resembles some ways – except that is a fine actress, and a rather under-used one.

But she has settled, if that’s the right word, for playing herself – or at least image of herself. And her image be all over the Edinburgh festival this year, where a Fringe play called Saved Life, by Carr, is already selling out and is set to disrupt the opening performances the first week of August by appearing as her partly good – but mostly naughty – self. Carr’s play, two girls get stuck a room at a Horror convention with three Magentas. Or three Quinns.

The first Magenta is the neat little maid of the movie white apron and black suspenders. The second is the glamorous Stephens – widow of the actor Bobby Wagner Jersey Stephens , a clinging white trouser suit and black boots. And the third is as a Playboy black leotard and fluffy tail. We meet the Primrose Hill flat where she has lived since the early 1970s. The drawing room is like a stage set: huge mirrors, big sofas, tall jars of lilies, deco statues.

A foot-high alabaster Michelangelo David has red lips and toe nails. The latest CD from Snow Patrol is playing – drummer Johnny is her nephew from her home town of Belfast. I was last here over 10 years ago, to her husband Stephens. Does she still him? Do you know, it’s terrible, but I don’t. was garrulous that people thought I never spoke. Since he died, I don’t think I’ve stopped talking!

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