These spring training stats have already proven me right about the 2017 MLB season

Hello, it is almost March. My plan for tomorrow is to explain why March is the very worst baseball month, so we will savor the last lingering day of February.

Limited Womens New Orleans Saints Jersey Here, take a deep breath. You hear that? It¡¯s peaceful. It¡¯s the sound of you not being entirely sick of spring training yet. We¡¯re still sharing highlights, still gawking at home runs, still immersing in the phoenix-sport that rises from the ashes every spring. In five days, you will want to punch spring training right in the baseball.

On the Cardinals, he¡¯s a weapon. You¡¯ve seen how the projection systems hate them this year, which brings up the obvious question: Which random goofball will carry them to 90 wins this year? This is my case for Martinez:

The NFL league office has amassed too much power, has no checks and balances, and needs someone to pull the reins in. Congress would seem to be the only entity that has the authority to do that, and they are taking that responsibility seriously.

I am an organizer by trade, so it seemed very natural to me to do something that fans could get behind and participate in as an outlet for our dissatisfaction with having no say in the league we loved. He¡¯s exactly the kind of player whose continued development, or lack thereof, we take for granted because it¡¯s almost like he¡¯s a known quantity.

Authentic Kids Keith Smith Jersey The change to the park was dramatic. Less than three hours before the outfield was completely flooded, the park looked relatively fine.

The field will eventually be fine, but for now: Let the birds have their fun. Every duck should have the opportunity to feel like they¡¯re in the majors.

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